About Our Mobile Car Wash

Car wash & deatiling service

Flipside Mobile Car Wash, LLC was launched with the intention of adding more time and convenience to your life. We began by targeting the employees of small companies as we perfected our process and acclimated to our market. It only took us several minutes into our first wash to realize that we were on to something big.

We have developed a wash process that uses 2-4 oz. of water per vehicle through a virtually waterless detailing method. Compare this to the average automated car wash that can waste up to 100 gallons of water per wash. Our mission is simple; add convenience to the lives of our customer’s while promoting water conservation.

We currently partner with large companies, country clubs, commercial fleets, hotels, restaurants, and numerous other organizations in an effort to become the modern day car wash.

In our first full month of commercial operations we saved over 10,000 gallons of water, and that is a number that will be growing exponentially.

Meet Our Team

Meet our skilled crew

Flipside’s team shares a passion for social entrepreneurship by promoting innovative efforts that make the world a better place. We firmly believe that Flipside is the future of car washing.

Rhett Barker
Caleb Young
Katia Todd
Vice President of Business Development